A Ranking of Poulet Rotis in Paris Part Deux

One of my recent posts questioned the quality of poulet roti at the famous Chez L’ami Louis, which once had high praise from a handful of food critics.  Alexander Lobrano has recently created an updated list of the best roasted chicken in Paris and he has kept Chez L’ami Louis off the list.  He has listed L’AOC as the best poulet roti in Paris, which was ranked 17th overall on Le Figaro’s list. Lobrano had the following to say about the poulet roti at L’AOC:

This inviting auberge spins on the axis of a winning formula—serve only products with an official Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée. The poulet aux pattes noire de M. Barreau comes with crunchy sautéed potatoes, and it’s a beauty. Don’t miss the ewe’s milk cheese made by Benedictine monks at the Abbaye de Belloc in the Basque Country. 14 Rue des Fossés St Bernard, 5th

Compared to L’ami Louis astronomical price of 76€ the 16€ at L’AOC is a complete steal for anyone who may be looking for a good quality poulet roti in Paris.

Taking a look at Lobrano’s top 8 there seems to be some movement with L’AOC rising dramatically while L’atelier de Maitre Albert, Le Relais Plaza, Le Pere Claude, and La Rotisserie Du Beaujolais have stayed consistent among the rankings between the two publications.

Restaurant Gourmet Magazine Le Figaro
L’AOC 1 17
L’Atelier De Maitre Albert 2 3*
La Bastide De L’Odeon 3 N/A
La Cantine Du Troquet 4 N/A
Chez Flottes 5 9
Le Relais Plaza 6 3*
Le Pere Claude 7 6
La Rotisserie Du Beaujolais 8 5
* Le Figaro scored the restaurant out of 20, which concluded in both restaurants being ranked 3rd.

The poulet roti is a mainstay in many restaurants throughout Paris and an accessible food for many regardless of how much you are willing to spend.


2 Responses to “A Ranking of Poulet Rotis in Paris Part Deux”

  1. George B. Says:

    Hi – Just came across this and sorry to say but the photo you chose is awful; very unappetizing. And aren’t those frozen fries from a package? I know you can do better. Thanks. GB

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