A bit of Canadiana invades NYC

After the successful launch of Tim Hortons into Manhattan this past July, when they simultaneously opened 9 locations, there comes another Canadian success story with the opening of T-Poutine.  Thierry Pepin, a native of Quebec has an impressive resume which includes being an actor and a successful model that has graced the pages of GQ and Esquire.  Pepin who now lives in New York City has opened T-Poutine in order to bring a bit of Quebec culture to NYC.  With hopes of capturing the late-night munching crowd Pepin  has a diverse menu that goes beyond just the traditional poutine.  Some of the more interesting dishes includes the “Morning Glory”, which consists of applewood smoked bacon topped with Sunnyside Up egg and a homemade gravy and the “Pot Pie” that combines chicken and peas.

The Morning Glory

In addition to poutine, Pepin has made a conscious effort in pushing the Canadian theme with maple ice cream, beignets with a maple syrup dip and a Canadian burger as well.  This isn’t the first time that poutine has been introduced in NYC but hopefully this one can stick around! Below is a recent video clip about the Canadian invasion taking place.


One Response to “A bit of Canadiana invades NYC”

  1. I had read the reviews of this restaurant in the globe, I love to cook. I was taking my husband out for dinner , it was such a disappointment . The restaurant is quite elegant , dark, the service kind and attentive, the food , less than acceptable. We certainly did not receive the bread and and loveliness , the polenta was bland and the meal was raw tough and just not what we were expecting. The wine was lovely, rich and the best part of the meal. I thought we were in for a treat , but just had a mediocre meal with good service. Not worth the money and would not go back. Too bad . I really thought the Robino brothers had a superb restaurant with Rain, and then that ended .

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